Aginext is a psychologically safe community with an agile mindset. We host agile events online (and eventually again off), and our community is the driving force behind annual events Agile Tour London and our flagship Aginext for advanced agilists and DevOps, as well as several monthly meetups, fishbowls and lean coffees.

Our online community looks to bridge the gap between events, and to share  advice, experiments, and experiences.After a lot of feedback from over 20 paid events and hundreds of free events, we realised there was a need for a new experiment. With that in mind, we are hosting a very affordable single day dedicated to Psychological Safety and Inclusion on 11 June, 2021.

Our Day of Organisational Psychological Safety features all original and LIVE content in the form of one keynote, eight 20-min talks, five 45-min workshops within virtual venue Spatial Chat, a panel, a fishbowl, remote games, and plenty of opportunities for networking and breaks, across two track

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"Fabulous workshops, thanks to all those running them today! " Libby H.

"Had a fantastic day at Agile Tour London #ATLDN Thanks to everyone who took part in our Game of Flows - it's amazing how much creativity is hidden away in teams - let's get it out there!!! " Modulearn

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