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Why should you speak at a conference? Why should you speak at Aginext?

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The Call for Speakers for the 4th Annual Aginext Conference is open now through 30 November 2019.
With that in mind, we are going to look at the reasons you should apply to speak at more industry conferences, meetups and events.
To Learn: Nothing lets you understand what you’ve been doing better than processing lessons into a talk and accepting feedback and questions on it.
To Recruit: Enthusiastically sharing your team’s journey …

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Meet the Community: Julia Harrison

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Next up we are talking with Julia Harrison. Julia is a product manager, improv comedian, and ready to help you be awesome to work with. It’s our first time welcoming Julia to our ever-growing on-stage community, so feel free to ask her more questions @JuliaFromIT.
Your #ATLDN workshop ‘Being awesome to work with’ focusses a lot on cultivating the individual. So much about agile …

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Agile Tour London: Your Day of Agile ‘Ah-Ha!’

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The seventh Agile Tour London — the conference that eventually sparked the Aginext Community — will be Friday, 18 October, 2019. It’s where agile just “clicks” for our wonderful attendees.
Who attends Agile Tour London?
Agile Tour London is a generalist conference that welcomes a mix of newbies and old-hat agilists, folks coming from all verticals (a lot of software, of course) and horizontals including coaching, management and human resources. We …

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What is the Aginext Community?

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It all started when our founder and Java team lead David Gimelle attended Agile Tour Geneva in 2009 and 2010. Loving this conference’s topic and community, David decided to kick off Agile Tour London in 2012. Now, different people from all different industries, departments, and stages of agile gather here for a day each October. In 2016, David and his team developed the Aginext Conference, which, each Spring, uniquely …