9th Annual Agile Tour London

Live & Online: 21 to 22 October 2021

‘Breaking Silos’

As Agile enters its 20s, it’s time we stop looking at it as a team-based or department-based activity, or something just for IT folks. It is a collective mindset that must see us break down walls and work together towards organisational agility. It’s time to recognise each business has three pillars — people, business and technology — and organisations will topple without focusing on all three working together toward shared objectives.

In its ninth year, Agile Tour London will continue to expand our own goals around breaking silos and increasing communication. And as we’ve done with the last four unique online events, it will be completely LIVE and intentionally interactive, with keynotes, panels and talks recorded in Zoom Meeting, and all workshops, after-talk discussions and networking activities unrecorded in our self-organised virtual venue Spatial.Chat.

Won’t you join our epic, memorable and interactive two-day event on Thursday 21 October and Friday 22 October, 2021?

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Our Call for Speakers is open until Monday 12 July, 2021

We are looking for all levels of pitches and case studies around breaking down silos — increasing cross-organisational collaboration:

  • Breaking Silos
  • Communication across Business and Technology
  • DevOps, and its cousins DevSecOps, SRE, FinOps, etc
  • Progressive Delivery
  • Company culture
  • Cross-border team collaboration
  • Diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility
  • Crisis response
  • Attracting the next generation
  • Leading a distributed team, hybrid teams
  • Agile HR / People leadership, including hiring processes, onboarding and offboarding
  • Flat organizational structure
  • …and other ideas we didn’t think of!

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Aims of this event

  • To be interactive — no webinars, no pre-recordings, we aim to have partners apply all talks and workshops
  • To be diverse and inclusive — we are looking for new voices to add to our community
  • To maintain a community size and feel
  • To be a safe space for people to be their true selves and to experiment
  • To create a totally unique, memorable experience
  • To open an active discussion around effective communication and collaboration within teams and across organisations and communities
  • To share personal experiences both with teams and technologies

Tickets start at £35, while they last!

Agile Tour London is Organised by the Aginext Community – Agile Tour London 2020, Agile Tour London 2021

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