Aginext 2020 Conference

The Aginext Conference is a two-day London agile event wholly dedicated to an advanced agile audience. It’s an annual event about exploring how to take your digital transformation to the next level.

This could be with new ways of improving agile rituals, like creative retrospectives and team-bonding activities, or finding new ways of working. Like leveraging DevOps and CI/CD to break down silos. Experimentation to learn faster, alongside automation to emphasise the creative worker.

It’s a more intimate conference that features the most exciting, forward-thinking teams and strategies. There’s of course frameworks and cross-organisational agile, but you’ll also find the newest in trends, like artificial intelligence, chaos engineering, and agile testing.

And this is an agile conference made for practitioners. That means everyone who is offering a talk or workshop is focussed on what they have done, what they’ve learned from it, and how to customise it for your team.

The next Aginext will take place on Thursday 19 March and Friday 20 March, 2020. This year features tracks on:

  • Agile Coaching Workshops
  • DevOps & Complex Systems
  • The Post-Agile World
  • Culture at Scale
  • Strategy and Complexity
  • Digital Leadership
  • Plus, other fun activities to keep you networking and engaged!

This year will also feature a personalised coaching clinic.

It’s shaping up to be our biggest and best conference yet. But don’t take our word for it, check out our schedule and then get your tickets while they last!