Aginext 2021: Live and Online 17 to 19 March 2021

Connect. Learn. Experiment. In a safe environment for agile and devops practitioners.

Get ready to learn about your team’s next experiment! In its fifth year, Aginext continues to stand out in its ability to re-energise your digital and cultural transformations. Every member of our community — from speakers to attendees — is an open-minded agile practitioner contributing to a psychologically safe experience.

In its second year as a collaborative anti-webinar, we aim to even increase the interaction, mimicking an in-person event by avoiding Zoom when we can, letting you move yourself around in SpatialChat.

Aginext is the only Post-Agile conference for advanced agilists and DevOps practitioners, across roles, departments or divisions. And especially across geography and bandwidth. Aginext Live! is an online networking event built around interactive talks, workshops, panels, games and activities. Because none of us miss one-sided webinars — from our own teams to family and friends to our agile communities, we miss connecting.

After running 18 events including the last two online — plus hundreds of meetups — we've experimented, reflected and rebuilt our online agile event to focus on creating one-to-one experiences. Just check out our schedule!

Aginext brings together the most forward-thinking agile minds to help you help your team move ahead with clarity, purpose, resilience and speed.

This unique conference will focus on:

  • Discussing what Post-Agile even means
  • Truly embracing Agile HR
  • Psychological safety, inclusion and team culture
  • Breaking down silos
  • DevOps and continuous delivery
  • Scaling
  • The evolution of coaching and leadership
  • Experimentation and metrics
  • Networking with advanced agile practitioners
  • Having fun at a memorable online experience!

Aginext is dedicated to building a sustainable post-agile community. Won't you join us?

See You Online 17-19 March 2021