Aginext 2022 Schedule

Day One - Thursday 28 April 2022 - ONLINE
28th April - UK TimeZoom 1 - TalksZoom 2 - Talks
SpatialChat - Workshops
9:00Build-RUn-Improve-Repeat | a game about implementing and improving your DevOps cycle by Koen Vastmans
10:30Free Networking
11:00Fishbowl by Giles Lindsay
The unFIX Model for Versatile Organization Design by Jurgen Appelo
13:30Hope: The best agile vs the dark side of the agile industrial complex by Luca Minudel Facilitate GREAT meetings - in five simple steps by Gwenno Haf Hughes The Online No Estimates Game: Why estimation doesn't work, and what to do about it. by Steve Wells
Change the perspective on change by Oana Juncu How to cultivate a safe-to-fail agile cloud culture by Sylvia Lobo
15:003 Types of Agile Leadership: Lead successfully the way you are by Tomasz 'TK' Kropiewnicki Playful Agility at the LEGO Group by Carsten Lützen Make the unspeakable speakable: How to discuss difficult topics in a safe manner by Christine Thompson and Jonas Berends
15:30Product Ownership beyond saying NO by Derk-Jan de Grood Lean-Agile Portfolio at Globo's Digital Hub by Carla Krieger
16:00Up Next? What's the new or pending flavor of Agility around the corner? by Taz Brown and Lavetta StevensonA new Agile Minifesto for individuals and interactions by Ceri Newton-Sargunar Successful Hybrid Gatherings by Judy Rees
16:30The transformative power of thinking in outcomes by Meena Venkataraman Trust Driven Development. How to break the siloes between Dev and Ops teams and shorten Lead Time for your Changes by Tomasz Manugiewicz
17:00Daring you to jump onto the Trojan Horse to lead your Agility Adoption by Mun-Wai Chung and Alistair CorrieRadiate: Tools for Agile Development Success by Dominika Bula How to start up a distributed team online with gamification by Ben Linders
18:30Modulearn Games
Day Two - Friday 29 April 2022 - IN PERSON
29th April - UK TimeRoom 1Room 2
Workshops Room
09:00The Team Onion by Emily Webber
10:30Break the format; follow the dopamine by Erin DaviesSmashing Silos: A scaleup story of growth in a pandemic by Andy Molineux and Rebecca Mahoney Agile at scale generative principles, beyond scaled frameworks by Luca Minudel and Giovanni Asproni
11:30Hybrid is not a dirty word by Claire Donald Kaizen in Digital: The foundations of change and alignment by Philippe Guenet Improve you estimation skills by using a planning game by Andrew Brown
13:15Return of the Ukelele by Portia Tung
14:00Stop the Normandy landing! Field experiences when driving transformations with the ADKAR and OKRs model by Almudena Rodriguez Pardo Hacking for value: maximising the return from corporate innovation by Monique Ho Vader v Stark: The Agile Leader by Kylie Yearsley and Tim Robinson
15:00Leader’s role in enabling organisational competitiveness by Dean Latchana Predictably Agile by Karl Scotland Into the Magic Toyshop - The Secrets of Personal Transformation by Portia Tung
16:00Tea Break
16:30Coaching SRE (Site Reliability Engineers) by Joe Fitzpatrick Overdoing DevOps by Jessica Cregg Systemic Coaching: May the force be with you by Kwasi Owusu-Asomaning and Suzanne Doyle
17:30How working effectively with Finance can accelerate your journey to Business Agility by Stuart Munton Let Artificial Intelligence steal the boring jobs by Adam Hall If you’re happy and you know it, tell me how by Erin Davies and Sophie Szathmary-Dixon
18:30Onsite Drink