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What is the Aginext Community?

It all started when our founder and Java team lead David Gimelle attended Agile Tour Geneva in 2009 and 2010. Loving this conference’s topic and community, David decided to kick off Agile Tour London in 2012. Now, different people from all different industries, departments, and stages of agile gather here for a day each October. In 2016, David and his team developed the Aginext Conference, which, each Spring, uniquely focusses on taking agile to the next level, including agile at scale and taking it out of IT and across organisations.

We started hearing feedback from our regular attendees across Europe that this six-month gap between conferences was too much. While people loved the talks and workshops, they missed those great hallway run-ins and and networking opportunities that made these conferences so unique.

Last year, we created the Aginext Community.

What does the Aginext Community have to offer?

Beyond the three days when hundreds of agilists gather in London, we have a a growing community rich with offline and IRL activities, including:

  • Aginext Slack Community, a largely self-organised online community where anyone is welcome to share and ask for advice
  • Aginext Newsletter, a regular newsletter that lets you be the first to know about agile’s hottest topics, exercises and opportunities (Sign up now!)
  • Virtual Agile Lean Coffee, with our partners at the Digital Leadership Meetup, where we loosely self-organise around an agile theme and help each other
  • Agile Dinner, with our partners Agile in Covent Garden, where small groups of agile enthusiasts dive deep into agile talking points over delicious Central London food
  • Agile Twitter Chat, a new experiment where we will let the Twittersphere tackle some of agile’s biggest trends and challenges via #ATLDN
  • Aginext LinkedIn Group, for those that don’t want to be active on Slack or prefer the LinkedIn community, we’ve got discussions going on there too
  • This WIP Website, which will include advice blogs and agile-minded events from our community members, plus any other exciting stuff we decide to include
  • Something else? We welcome all community members to pitch ideas and to experiment with ways to bring the community closer

Who is in the Aginext community?

A load of lovely people! We have a lot of Leadership and Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters, but we also have anyone touched by the agile journey, from human resources to software developers to CIOs and CTOs. Similar to our Agile Tour audience, our events attract all stages of agilists, from newbies to old-hats. We have people who are on the first agile, Kanban or Scrum team at their huge company and those that are part of agile-first organisations. We have agilists looking to share their experiences and experiments, while others are looking for advice. And, of course, we have people offering agile jobs and others looking for them.

Who can join the Aginext community?

We want to maintain the caliber of conversation that is expected from the Aginext brand. That’s why anyone who has actively participated in one or more of our events, no matter if it’s the paid conferences or a free webinar, can be invited to join. We are working to foster a community that is welcoming, inclusive and problem-solving — and fun too! A good way to start is to sign up for our newsletter, and then joining one of our events, like in London or our online coffees. Or, if you are planning to join us on 18 October for Agile Tour London, get your #ATLDN ticket now so you can be added to our community and make the most of your experience by networking ahead!