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Why should you speak at a conference? Why should you speak at Aginext?

The Call for Speakers for the 4th Annual Aginext Conference is open now through 30 November 2019.

With that in mind, we are going to look at the reasons you should apply to speak at more industry conferences, meetups and events.

To Learn: Nothing lets you understand what you’ve been doing better than processing lessons into a talk and accepting feedback and questions on it.

To Recruit: Enthusiastically sharing your team’s journey (not wildly promoting your brand) is a great way to attract new teammates, customers, and clients.

To Coach: Help people help others create and motivate high-performing teams and work through their barriers to true business agility.

To Reach a Wider Audience: When you talk at an event, you’re not only connecting with those in the audience, but they will post about your topic, share your video, and, most importantly, share what they learned with their teams.

Why should you apply to speak at Aginext?

Aginext has a unique audience. We aren’t your normal generalist agile conference. (We have Autumn’s Agile Tour London for that.) Everyone that attends Aginext should have been experimenting with agile for over three years.

Aginext is an intimate event with reach. We boast an excellent speaker-to-attendee ratio and a strong community feel, matched with the most forward-thinking agilists from the most innovative companies.

So why should you specifically want to speak at Aginext?

  • To help answer “What’s next after Agile?”
  • To become a part of the awesome Aginext community.
  • To have a chance to be professionally recorded by and published on InfoQ
  • To attend Aginext for free and spend two beautiful days along the Thames
  • To have some nice headshots and action shots taken by a professional photographer
  • To have your courses promoted for free
  • To inspire and to be inspired!

The Call for Speakers & Facilitators for Aginext 2020 is open until 30 November.

Don’t have time/don’t want to prepare a talk, but still want to join this fun, engaging two-day event? Blind Tickets are on sale now! Join us for two awesome days along London’s iconic River Thames.