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17 Remote Retrospective Ideas

Now is the time when community means more than ever. Our virtual Aginext community brought it today at our monthly virtual lean coffee. And what holiday could be more agile than World Retrospective Day? Let’s dive into the community’s suggestions.

First up we have an Aginext speaker who wanted to take a bit more time to turn his activity remote. Laurence Wood has invented the Richer Retrospectives game and very agile-ly changed it to be played online.

Peter Weare and his Modulearn team were originally going to run a Casino Night at our Aginext advanced agile conference. When we moved online, they went ahead and became our e-cruise directors. Peter ran asynchronous fun including collaborative Fortnite, collaborative storytelling, and wildly popular Jigsaw Puzzles. After experimenting with us, we are happy to announce his company Modulearn who were specialists in face-to-face team performance training has pivoted and relaunched with a remote collaborative learning offering. Combining the use of Zoom and experienced facilitators, they have created a unique approach to helping teams that need to work together but now find themselves very isolated. Modules help teams understand how to work collaboratively when remote, and the unique Modulearn games help them experiment with how to do it. Remote games are already live for themes such as product thinking, continuous improvement and lateral thinking. They are releasing new modules continuously as they learn.

Learn more and try some modules at Modulearn.

Remote Tooling Used for (Suddenly Online) Aginext 2020

  • Slack for all communication (besides a flexible schedule on Google Docs)
  • Zoom for all sessions on Gallery View for best interaction – we used breakout rooms, polling, and hand-raising functionalities
  • Lean Coffee Table – for all lean coffees we use this great tool
  • Fun Retro – We used the Went Well > To Improve > Action Items and Keep – Add – More Less templates

More Remote Retro Tooling

Retro Tooling for Banking

One remote challenge that came up in our lean coffee is banks and other heavily regulated industries don’t allow teams to use such tools because of security and privacy issues. Someone suggested Office 365 tooling that has security compliance baked right in, including Trello clone Microsoft Planner has a Trello clone called Microsoft Planner with data security baked in, Microsoft Teams for remote collaboration and then Power BI for data visualization.

Also if they use synthetic data — highly accurate completely private data — they could then try out any tools they’d like, completely securely.

Other Fun Remote Activities

Paul Harding invented the Pixel Challenge that can be done individually or collaboratively.

Paula Fanjul suggested sending a picture to a person or a couple of people, and divide them into breakout rooms, so they can describe the picture to other people who haven’t seen the picture before. Go back to the main room and show the pictures and compare to the original one. This is good to show the importance of being communicative and understanding that not everyone knows what is in your head.

Do you have other remote retro ideas? Please add in the comments!

Happy Retrospective Day everyone! Thank you for being a community.